Żeromskiego 76/82, 09-300 Żuromin, Poland
+48 23 657 31 61

Who are we?

We are specialists in the manufacture of high-quality automatic, sensor-based temperature controllers that are extremely useful in a variety of common electrical appliances. These precision-made electrical products are the result of our passion, innovation and constant attention to detail.

Tomic S.A. is a renowned company with more than 44 years of experience in the industry, which, since its inception in 1979, initially as ZPE UNITRA-UNITECH and since 1998 as a joint stock company, has constantly strived to provide its customers with the highest quality products and services.

Our products are valued for their reliability and precision, as evidenced by their widespread use. With our temperature controllers, electrical appliances can operate optimally, safely and efficiently.

As a company with a long tradition, we enjoy the trust of our customers and are proud of our contribution to the electrical industry. However, our mission does not end with the production of high-quality products. We constantly strive to improve our processes, technologies and offer our customers even better, more innovative solutions.

We make sure that our operations comply with the highest standards, both in terms of product quality and business ethics. Our reputation and position in the market are the result of our hard work, commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence.